How Can Insurance Companies Benefit From Process Consulting

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How can Insurance companies benefit from Process consulting

Insurance Companies and Process Consulting

There are many benefits of process consulting. Insurance companies are no different than other businesses in their ability to derive value from process consulting services. Increasingly firms are looking to process consulting outsourcing to optimize and gain efficiencies. Valenta provides these services, and we work with many companies in the insurance sector. Besides optimization, our insurance clients frequently engage process consulting services to launch documentation, digital transformation and cost cutting initiatives.

Specific Challenges for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies face many challenges in today’s economy. Insurance is still a vital, important, and dynamic business that almost every consumer requires in some way. Staffing is one challenge companies in this sector face.  Because of labor shortages and the costs for staffing, businesses need to make sure they maximize the productivity of the staff they do have. Improving back office efficiency helps with productivity and drives better overall profitability.

Other Challenges Facing the Insurance Space

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, insurance companies face a plethora of other market challenges.  There is increased choice for consumers on where to get their insurance. There are new entrants, digital only entrants, plus vertical integration from manufacturers, retailers and other service providers offering their own insurance options. There is also considerable M&A activity in the space. One theme we see over and over again is that digitization equals globalization. Today a competitor may not be on the other side of the city.  Frequently, they are on the other side of the world.

There are numerous challenges of being an SMB in the insurance space. 

Valenta process consulting outsourcing helps midsized and small businesses compete effectively. 

Process Consulting Services

One of the best benefits of Process Consulting is getting a business’s workflows documented and evaluated.

All Valenta Process Consulting outsourcing engagement includes the following steps.

  1. Map the Current Processes
  2. Analyze the Current Processes
  3. Redesign Processes as needed
  4. Test New Processes
  5. Communicate Changes
  6. Implement New Processes
  7. Monitor and Optimize

We will provide Standard Operating Procedure documentation (an SOP) as a part of nearly all engagements. We will also provide “As Is” and “To Be” analysis so a business can see where it is now and where it wants to go when it comes to process and workflows. One of the greatest benefits of process consulting is going through these exercises to develop and get plans to optimize and to develop a roadmap for efficiency.

Process Consulting Outsourcing

At Valenta our process consulting services are focused on action and ROI. We do not engage in long consulting engagements on retainer. We will engage frequently in short term process assessments. Our goals are always to, Assess, Identify, and Act. Much of our consulting in the insurance field is focused on staff optimization, digital transformation, increasing revenue, and reducing expenses. We have ex Big 4 consultants on staff as key members of our process consulting services. Also, active in all our engagements are local managing partners plus partners located in the region with insurance and financial services expertise. We bring a well-qualified and open minded team to all our interactions.

Benefits of Process Consulting

The point of process consulting services is to document where a business is at today and how it can improve itself to be better tomorrow. Valenta process consulting outsourcing will typically focus on innovation, execution, and process improvement. We always look for digital transformation potential to streamline a business. Frequently staff augmentation is identified as an additional service that can help insurance companies address their specific areas for improvement. Improving back office efficiency gains for better profitability is frequently addressed. Often, we are also helping with the challenges of being an SMB in the insurance space and competing with large companies.

About Valenta

Valenta operates as a service provider of process consulting outsourcing. We combine local managing partners, regional industry process experts, plus offshore process experts and project management in all our engagements.  Our clients come to us for help with solutions for growth, process, increased profits, better execution, innovation, setting strategy, AI and automation initiatives, staffing, and digital marketing challenges. We are able to address these requests with our core services of Process Consulting, Digital Transformation, Staff Augmentation and Learning Platforms. We are 100% focused on SMB clients and offer flexible action oriented engagements. Please visit our website to learn more about our Process Consulting Services.

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