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CRM helps companies keep everyone on the same page and provide one place to go for every aspect of their relationship with customers; and what could be more important to a business than its customers?  CRM is an essential tool for every business.  At Valenta we can help you achieve your goals when it comes to CRM.  We do that objectively, on time, and within budget. 

What can CRM do for you?


CRM software is designed to be the all-inclusive tool for Customer Relationship Management.  Every department within a company has an interaction with, supports or depends on customers.  Implementing a CRM for your business is a necessity.  Selecting the right CRM platform for your organization is crucial.  Sales, Customer Support and Marketing teams have obvious needs for robust CRM solutions.  Operations, Accounting and Finance also rely on CRM for order tracking, planning, logistics and more. 

Leveraging a CRM platform companies can achieve the following

  • Conduct business in a digital manner and improve sales and marketing strategies and customer service.
  • Evaluate and learn about customer purchase histories and preferences.
  • Group and profile customers and prospects for follow up or even product development.
  • Increase sales by maintaining focus, planning timely follow up, and cross selling.
  • Easily track customer support interactions and maintain customer histories.
  • Increase customer retention through improving the customer experience and buying journey.
  • Better plan orders so that operations can deliver just in time and meet expected requirements.
  • Provide Finance and Accounting departments better visibility of anticipated costs and revenue. And much, much more…

What is the Valenta Approach to CRM Consulting

First and foremost, what Valenta offers is agnostic CRM Consulting.  We will implement the right CRM platform for your business.  Many CRM consulting firms will focus on just one CRM tool that they specialize in.  We are different and will recommend and implement the CRM solution that best matches your requirements.  We have extensive experience with leading providers like Salesforce and Zoho.  We also work with other vendors with specific strengths and niches.  We will always make sure we discuss and discover all project requirements up front.  Then we will look to determine the best fits or solutions for requirements and discuss options. 

What is our CRM Consulting Process

Our approach to every CRM consulting engagement is to keep it simple, be easy to work with, be knowledgeable, and stay within budget

Our Process for CRM Consultations follows the below path:


Assess – We will spend required time upfront to fully assess where your organization is today and where it needs to be.


Define – After proper and thorough assessment we will comprehensively define requirements so that the right solutions can be selected. 

Analyze, consistency

Analyze – Once we have assess the situation and defined requirements, we will analyze those findings and map them against today’s available platforms. 


Design – After we have identified the right CRM provider to meet requirements, we will design the platform for the specific needs of your business. 


Implement – We will implement CRM solutions after the design phase and create a sandbox and pilot platform. 


Test -The critical phase of testing occurs at this point, and we will test the CRM platform for all defined use cases and departments. 

Deploy, kick-off, go-live

Deploy – Once testing is completed, we deploy the full solution for your team and work with you to ensure full adoption and the comfort of your staff with the solution. 


Train – We typically do not end our work at the deployment stage and consider training critical for adoption and allowing our customers to get the most from their investment. 

Support, staffing

Support – After deployment and training we can stay with our clients for support as long as they wish, our support can take the form of periodic check ins or even providing an ongoing full time or part time administrator for your platform. 

What will Valenta do for you?

In addition to taking an agnostic CRM consulting approach one of the advantages of working with Valenta is that we will customize your CRM to your business’s specific needs.  We can map fields, workflows, blueprints, tracking, reports, and dashboards to the exact requirements of your business.  We can also integrate additional modules to your CRM. 

Common add on modules our clients have deployed include the below. 

- Testing of computer systems and software, maintain records of trends and patterns in computer related issues.
  • Quotes and proposals
  • Social media marketing
  • Remote support access
  • Web conferencing
  • Invoice management
  • Subscription manager
  • Contract management
  • Accounting
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Surveys
  • File management
  • Expense management
  • Inventory management
  • Data cleansing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-commerce
  • Project management
  • Digital signatures
  • Payment forms
  • HR management
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Learning and training
  • Password management
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting

Long Term Benefits of a CRM Deployment

Our clients in the area of CRM consulting find many long term benefits to their engagements with us.  The ones they most commonly site include the following. 

  • Improved management of customer relationships
  • Efficiency in the buying process for customers
  • Team collaboration across all departments
  • Business intelligence, analytics and dashboards that drive sales and profits
  • Improved customer experience and customer journeys
  • Allowing customer support departments to be more efficient and knowledgeable
  • Better management of data flow and data visualization
  • Digital marketing, customer targeting, and marketing automation capabilities
  • Ability to launch new marketing initiatives, improved social media & email marketing
  • Billing and accounting implementation and enhancement
  • Enterprise resource planning / ERP capabilities added onto their CRM
  • Process improvement across their organizations
  • Dramatically improved inventory management
  • Forecasting accuracy that drives expense and revenue planning
  • Project management improvements and capabilities

Product Specific CRM Consulting


At Valenta we have done extensive consulting specifically with Salesforce and Zoho CRM.  Please find these pages highlighting our CRM Consulting with these two leaders. 

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