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We help businesses increase profitability and efficiency via a range of services. We have five partner programs designed to help you amplify your reach, enhance customer experiences, and drive mutual success.

Partnership Types


Franchise Partner

A unique opportunity for individual with consultative sales experience who want to start their own business.


Reseller Partner

An opportunity for businesses to create multiple ongoing revenue streams, increase business valuation and become strategic advisors to their clients using Valenta’s range of services.

referral partner

Referral Partner

An opportunity for individuals or businesses with clients or contacts, who can benefit from Valenta’s services to earn revenue via referrals.


Fractional Executive

An opportunity for existing fractional executives to gain access to Valenta’s network and for those with extensive industry experience who want to become Fractional Executives.

Support, staffing


IT and Consulting firms who want to partner with a world class organization and cash out partially or completely.