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UiPath is a leading vendor partner of Valenta. When it comes to digital transformation, we have a lot of experience working with many clients across the world. We have supplied a variety of different technologies to solve problems coming from various vendors for our clients. Digital transformation often comprises of RPA (robotic process automation), Conversational AI, Cognitive AI, Machine Learning, other elements of AI, and hybrids of these referred to as IPA or Intelligent Process Automation.

Through all of this activity, one vendor that we have considerable respect for is UiPath. UiPath has supplied significant value to clients of Valenta for RPA. UiPath is a leading vendor in this space, many of our staff are trained on their platforms, and have completed UiPath accreditations.

Regardless of the vendor we ultimately bring to a project, Valenta helps with Ideation, Planning, Optimization, Creation and Evaluation of any project. For specific automation and RPA projects we will conduct process walkthroughs, define project plans, develop Process Design Documents, Solution Design Documents, conduct development, and user acceptance tests and set up a model for continuous evaluation and optimization.

Valenta is particularly experienced with small and mid-sized business (SMB) needs.  We also know what vendors work best in this environment. UiPath is a vendor we believe makes sense for SMB’s.  They make sense because they are a market and technology leader in RPA and Valenta is constantly staying trained on their solutions and managing their enterprise class platform on behalf of our SMB clients.

Best in class vendor

For those who do not know UiPath, here is an overview.  UiPath develops RPA software to automate repetitive tasks normally performed by people. These tasks are digital, and software based. UiPath combines emulating how humans read computer screens or screen scraping with APIs and gives users access to prebuilt automation components that can be combined to automate routine processes.

CRM and ERP systems, internal and back-office areas like accounting, human resources paperwork, and claims processing all can use UiPath tools. UiPath also uses artificial intelligence systems to simplify repetitive front office tasks including customer management. UiPath’s main product is the UiPath Automation Platform. This platform combines a low-code visual integrated development environment solution called UiPath Studio for process creation, with client-side agents called Robots that execute processes. These processes are deployed, monitored, and managed remotely with a central management tool called UiPath Orchestrator.

UiPath also provides a Process Mining tool that uncovers new automation opportunities by analyzing application logs. We really love this tool at Valenta and often use it in combination with our outsourced Center of Excellence (CoE) services which we provide for SMBs. There is much we like about UiPath. Their partner learning platform is one of the best we actively use, and we use many.

The commercial engagement for us as a consultant and an MSP is flexible. The enterprise customers that UiPath manages directly are constantly driving product innovation. The new releases that come from UiPath are always in line with market expectations. UiPath was originally founded in Romania in 2005. It is now headquartered in New York City. UiPath now has around 3,000 employees and revenues North of 600M USD annually. UiPath is a publicly traded company that has a market cap of 18 billion USD.

Best in class service provider

Valenta is offering automation and RPA consulting, outsourced developers for RPA, outsourced CoE, plus Managed Services, and we function as an MSP for RPA. UiPath is one option which we use for RPA managed services. Valenta has a global perspective and has completed projects and provided services all over the world.

Valenta has Managing Partners who are experts in RPA covering North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. We have service centers in India, Malaysia, and the Caribbean, and 2022 expansion plans for service centers in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Suffice it to say we are on the ground globally and can assist you wherever your business is located.

One of the best values that we bring to SMBs, especially when collaborating with vendors like UiPath, is that we bring an End-to-End perspective and insistence to projects. We are not just concerned with a successful RPA project; we are concerned with helping businesses be more successful and optimize. We want to help our clients do what they do best and focus on their core reason for being in business.

We provide services in all the areas that a business may not necessarily excel in, so that they can achieve all their goals, targets, and objectives. Because our goal is always client business optimization, we are technology agnostic. We will always select the best technical solution for a specific requirement and always select the best vendor to supply that solution. UiPath is an excellent choice for RPA, but it is not the only choice and not the only vendor we work with.

Want to learn more?

The adoption of RPA is growing fast and will continue to accelerate.  Enterprises are rapidly adopting RPA.  Many of them are doing that with UiPath.  SMBs are just starting to look at RPA. Working with service providers like Valenta can help SMBs leverage the same tools, such as UiPath, that larger corporations are using. The ability of RPA to be flexibly deployed on top of existing business applications greatly reduces any roadblocks for SMBs to use RPA.

We can provide considerable assistance when it comes to RPA and when it comes to UiPath implementations. We can also provide assistance when it comes to other E2E digital transformation including Conversational AI, Cognitive AI, ML, IPA, and more. We are available for consulting projects, ongoing CoE, outsourced RPA developers, AI specialists, plus MSP for RPA and other business automation.

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