Data Security

Data Security

Considering its sensitivity and importance, data security is among the critical concern areas of clients considering services such as process consulting, digital transformation, or outsourced solutions. At Valenta BPO we take this with utmost seriousness and do everything in our means to ensure protection. We have deployed a wide range of physical and non-physical checks and measures to ensure our/ client data is not compromised. We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, and systems at our offices comply with international best practices for information security management.

Physical Controls

  • Biometric scanners and access card-based security for employees/ visitors coming to the office premises
  • CCTV based monitoring of office premises
  • All computer systems are connected to the local server and have firewalls
  • Full time dedicated staff to manage IT security related issues
  • No permissions to users/ operators to change settings on their computer systems
  • USB ports are disabled, and printer access is only to team leaders


  • Periodic training sessions on data security for staff members
  • Confidentiality agreements with all staff members

Non-Physical Controls

  • Staff are authorised login to portals only from our office IP address (based on platform permissions)
  • All servers are installed with firewalls and antivirus software
  • Restrictions on sending/ receiving emails to/ from specific domains
  • Breach notifications are set up
  • Destruction register is maintained.
  • Our default passwords are stored in Zoho Vault with applied IP address restrictions
  • Whitelisting approach on visiting websites
  • Save/ store data feature on PCs disabled

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